Oh, the Pete's I've known

January 20, 2010

Okay, so by beer of the week, I actually meant, sometimes I will write a beer review.

I have had the good fortune to know many wonderful Pete's in my life. First, there was my Uncle Pete. Technically, he was my dad's uncle, the husband of my grandmother's sister. (I know, you totally read this blog for the family tree, right?) Affectionately known as Buggo, he loved to sit in his chair and watch Western movies and never failed to make everyone around him laugh with a (sometimes delightfully tiny-bit off-color) joke. Everyone loved Uncle Pete.

The next Pete who came into my life was not a human, but a joke, told by my dad:

Dad: Pete and Repeat are sitting on a bench. Pete fell off and who was left?
4 year old me: RePete!
Dad: Pete and Repeat are sitting on a bench, Pete fell off and who was left?
4yom: ReRete!

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, until I was crying and my sides hurt from laughing so hard. I couldn't understand WHY on EARTH, when I said ReRete (a name that seemed like the formal of Pete, kind of like RuPaul) it caused my dad to say the first part again. (In other words, I was not yet familiar with the definition of "repeat.") And if there's anything hilarious to a small child, it's repitition.

And that brings me to the final Pete I know well (omg, I really hope I'm not leaving out a close, intimate Pete) - my friend who covets the ranch dressing hose. He's kind, generous, loves food and drink in large quantities, and his biggest joy in life seems to be helping people move. He has also made me laugh until my sides hurt.

So, I guess that's the thing with Petes. They make you laugh. Which is why I was so disappointed in the Peter's Brand beer pictured above. It did not make me laugh. Or even smile. It did remind me of something one would drink at a flip-cup table - and flip cup can be fun.

Peter's Brand, by United Export Brewery
Pluses: It comes in 16 oz. cans, which is a nice size. Nice head, neutral smell. Available cheaply at Trader Joe's.
Minuses: Tastes like bitter Busch Light. I wanted to like it. But I didn't.

Recommendation: If you're throwing a beer blowout for someone named Pete - IT WOULD BE PERFECT. Otherwise, eh, pass.


Pete (III) said...

I will certainly have to try the beer, and if it's as nice as your comments about *me* it could make the 24-pack shelf in my fridge; right now stocked with my "New Years Promise" to drink more light miller light. Sigh, the Ranch is still getting the best of me in that battle.